Every Sunday we gather as the church and worship the Lord together. To keep the conversation going all week we use a tool called Slack. It’s an online messaging app that allows us to share prayer requests, testimonies, talk about the weekly message, coordinate volunteers, unify small groups, and even have a few random conversations.

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If you would like to join Slack, visit our Welcome Center on Sunday mornings and a volunteer will help you create an account.


Slack is pretty straightforward in the way it handles communication. However, we want to give you some helpful tips to get you started.

  • To start off, Slack is a messaging app. You can log in here, or you can download the app for your desktop, tablet, or phone here. We highly recommend the app.
  • When you log in, you’ll notice that Slack works by splitting communication into two categories, “channels” and “direct messages.” A channel is like a big conversation about a specific topic. A direct message is like a text message to one or more people; it’s private and perfect for conversations that aren’t meant for a public channel.
  • When you first join you’ll be automatically added to the #announcements, #get-connected, and #slack-help channels. Start off by telling us a little about yourself in the #get-connected channel. Then check out other channels to join.
  • The next thing to do is set your notifications, and upload a photo of yourself. You can do this by clicking the “Capital City Church” option at the top left of the desktop app or the “You” option on the bottom navigation of the mobile app.
  • You can even change Slack to show the Capital City Church colors. Go to “Capital City Church” at the top left of the desktop app, hit Preferences, Sidebar Theme, then scroll all the way down and paste these values in the bottom section: #195073,#121016,#022840,#FFFFFF,#0C7DC4,#D1D2D3,#2BAC76,#A51E22,#195073,#D1D2D3
  • This should be enough to get you started, but if you are still interested in learning more, check out this help page from Slack or join our #slack-help channel.


We want Slack to be a tool for communication. It shouldn’t replace face-to-face interaction, but it should help keep everyone connected. Like any tool, it is only useful if you use it correctly, so we have a few rules to make clear.

  • We won’t edit any of your posts, but we do reserve the right to delete a post if it contains rude or offensive commentary, abusive or graphic content, anything considered “trolling,” and anything considered “spam.”
  • If we find that you are a repeat offender with inappropriate posts, we reserve the right to suspend your account.
  • If you find a post that is questionable, email us at admin@capitalcity.church or send a direct message to one of our moderators.
  • Your posts should be encouraging, supportive, and helpful. If not, keep your thoughts to yourself.
  • Speak to others the way you would like to be spoken to.
  • Assume the best of others when reading a post. There is a lot of non-verbal communication that is missed in Slack, so show grace.